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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Easy Travel Countdown for Kids

Summer travel season is just around the corner and today I want to share with you a super simple travel countdown puzzle I make with my kids to help generate excitement and show them how long we have before we leave on vacation.

If you have young kids or are around young kids, you know their sense of time leaves a lot to be desired. Five minutes might as well be five hours or five days in their world. But a great way to help kids understand time better when they are small is to help them "see" time. And that is where the travel countdown puzzle I have created comes into play.

As the picture of our destination becomes more and more clear, my kids know we are getting closer and closer to our time of departure. They can even count the extra spaces to see how many more "wake ups" we have before we leave. It helps them start to understand time and builds excitement for our trip.

For instructions on how to create your own travel countdown puzzle, watch below:

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