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Friday, November 12, 2010

Accommodating Accommodations

The majority of the thirty guests for my upcoming Thanksgiving celebration are coming from out of town.  Five from Virginia, one from North Carolina, two from Mississippi, eight from Toledo, Ohio, four from Arcanum, Ohio and one from Port Clinton, Ohio.  I've learned from my previous attempts at Thanksgiving preparations that planning to do all the cooking myself is insane.  And no one wants to be around me in that state.  But 21 cooks in my tiny galley kitchen is literally too many cooks in the kitchen.  After a bit of brainstorming, I was able to find friends and family who were leaving town for the holiday weekend and willing to offer their apartments to my guests.  And when you consider my brother lives nearby, my one oven has turned into four ovens.  By providing potential cooks different accommodation locations, asking those staying in hotels to bring salads and beverages, (and a sister whose traditional side cooks in a crock pot) I am able to divide up the workload for this feeding frenzy and deliver hot side dishes for all. Up Next: Meal Planning...What to Serve?  What to Serve?

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