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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Knowing When to Call in the Troops for Help

I have a "superwoman" complex.  I feel the need to take on enormous amounts of responsibilities just to prove I can accomplish the tasks in a given amount of time.  My family, friends and co-workers will confirm this.  But what I have learned from past forays into Thanksgiving dinner preparation is that while it is completely possible for me to do all the cooking and cleaning, I spend the entire day in the kitchen and don't have a chance to enjoy my friends and family that have joined me for the day (or weekend or even the week).  

So this year, I surrender my cape.  With the finishing touches remaining in our basement room (where we plan to serve our Thanksgiving guests), a garage packed with construction debris and a house in mild disarray from weeks of neglect (due to focus on completing the basement), I called in some help.  My mom and I spent time gutting the garage to make it an shelter for those who need to escape the chaos of our small home.  My dad jumped in to help finish the trim and hang doors in the basement.  My cousin helped to build the Ikea furniture we purchased (which was a great idea financially, but crazy when your in a time crunch).  And most of my guests are bringing dishes to share Thanksgiving day.  

Believe it or not, I don't feel as if I have accomplished less by asking for help. I now feel more like a ringleader and less of a superwoman.  And I am looking forward to enjoying all parts of this upcoming 3-ring circus.  Up next: Flow Chart for the Final Countdown

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