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Thursday, February 10, 2011


The subtitle to this post should be "Organizing Your Medical Records with Pregnancy Brain" because I am experiencing a serious case of it right now.  You know the feeling...pre-pregnancy you're always on top of things and then WHAM! all of a sudden you forget to pay your mortgage until the final day of the grace period (true story).  And this makes putting the effort into staying organized while pregnant that much more difficult which is great because you have so much more energy (there is a smidge of sarcasm there). 

Doctor's visits often consist of an exhaustive supply of paperwork about nutrition, medical tests, birthing techniques, birthing classes, and breastfeeding workshops along with information about where your baby is in its growth process, where your body is in the pregnancy process and where you both should be going.  By the time it gets to the question and answer portion of your exam, you can't remember the three really important questions you really wanted to make sure you asked this month. 

To help keep your thoughts and records straight, try creating a Prego-brain Relief Med Folder.  Take either a basic pocket folder with 3 prongs or a small 3-ring binder.  Three hole punch the information from your doctor's office that you want to keep or have easy access to (recycle what you don't, no need for more clutter).  If you don't have a three hole punch, ask your doctor's office to punch it for you.  If you want to go a step further, you can even use self-adhesive tabs or tabbed dividers to sub-divide the information.  In the front pocket of the folder or binder, keep a blank sheet of paper to jot down questions that may arise between visits.  In the back, keep any receipts for medical expenses, bills for medical procedures or insurance information that you need at the ready.   Now all you need to do is grab this folder on your way to your next doctor's visit.  If you could only remember when that next appointment is...

For the month of February we are going to focus on keeping your family organized.  We'll address topics from staying organized while pregnant, getting organized for baby and simple ways to teach your kids to help keep your house in order.

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