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Sunday, March 6, 2011


One of the biggest moving related headaches is selling your current residence.  All you want to do is move on, but there is the little nagging issue of your current mortgage.  You want your home to impress to as many buyers as possible from the minute it hits the market.  One way to appeal immediately to buyers is to "stage" it to look as large and uncluttered as possible.  This means ridding your home of any and all excess.  While it may seem like a lot of work up front, you'll be happy when your house sells quickly (and you'll have some boxes pre-packed!)  Here are some places to focus your de-cluttering energy:

  • Pack up any toys, books, blankets, paperwork and other piles that may be cluttering the floors of bedrooms, living rooms, offices and family rooms.  
  • Remove any seasonal clothing that is not currently being worn to make closet space look larger then arrange remaining clothes by color to make the closet more visually appealing.  
  • Place any extra furniture that is not regularly used into storage to make rooms appear larger.
  • Empty storage areas like the basement and garage of all but the essential items you will need while your home is on the market. 
  • Pack up dishes and appliances in the kitchen that you do not use on a regular basis.  Buyers will open your cupboards and drawers.
With a little elbow grease, forethought and time, your home will appear larger and less cramped to potential buyers.  And remember, the faster you sell, the faster you are on your way to your new home!

A bit of preparation can go a long way in alleviating some of your moving related headaches.  That's why I will be focusing on preparing you and your family for smooth moves during the month of March.

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