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Thursday, March 24, 2011


After all the searching and packing and loading and unloading you are finally ready to settle into your new home.  The appeal of diving headfirst into a stack of boxes just to get them out of the way sounds so very appealing.  But wait!  There is a better way.  The more prep work you do before you unpack, the less likely you are to re-do your unpacking later. For example, sketch out your kitchen cabinets. Place more frequently used items in accessible places and lesser used appliances, dishes and cookware above the fridge or in the back of the corner cabinet. Think about which countertop space you would use as a prep space and place your food preparation tools nearby.  Place your drinking glasses near your refrigerator or sink for easy access to beverages.  Or what about that small amount of bathroom storage space in your bathroom?  Would it be better utilized with personal care items than extra towels? Use the same exercise to make the most of storage in bedroom and hall closets.  There are no rules.  If it makes sense to you, it works.  It’s your home now! You decide what goes where!

A bit of preparation can go a long way in alleviating some of your moving related headaches.  That's why I will be focusing on preparing you and your family for smooth moves during the month of March.

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