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Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Do you collect every bag from every gift you receive with the thoughts that you’ll reuse the bag in the future?  Do you have little snippets of wrapping paper lurking about that wouldn’t even wrap a jewelry box?  Determine how many gift bags you will use and consider donating the others to a local thrift store.  Or perhaps using them as colorful lunch bags for your family.  Organize what remains in either a fancy wrapping center like this from The Container Store or search out one of the plethora of fantastic ideas on the internet.  The key is to only keep what will fit in your organized space and to purge when it becomes over-full.  And those paper snippets…perhaps you could donate them to a local pre-school or nursing home to be used for crafts.  

There is a plethora of information about cleaning out your winter guck and letting the spring sunshine into your home, so we're focusing on those little things around the house that will give you a more organized home and perhaps a bit more storage along the way.  Just 4 weeks, 5 tasks per week, around 10 minutes per task and VOILA! in around an hour a week the little things in life seem a bit more organized.