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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Ballet classes.  Soccer practice.  Science fair projects.  Whether you're managing a household of 2 or a household of 12, a calendar is a great way to keep on top of what the family needs to do and where they need to be.  While many people rely on their digital devices to keep track of events, it is hard for everyone in the family to have access to this information if it is stored on one family members cell phone or iPad.  A large paper calendar can do wonders to help keep your family on track throughout the week.  Designate each member of the household with a color or an icon (stickers work great) so that you immediately know who has what to do each day.   The creation of the calendar each month can be a fun and creative project to involve all ages.  Hang the calendar where it can be seen by all members of the family (the fridge, by the back door, maybe even the car.)  NEXT UP: CREATING A WORKSTATION

September is Back to School Organizing Month at Simple Solutions Design.  Whether you are a student or a parent of a student, now is the time to establish good habits that will last for the whole school year.  Not only will these tips lead to smoother mornings, less hassle over homework and (hopefully) a more organized home, but they will also set up good habits for school and work in the future.