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Friday, September 9, 2011


I spoke with a friend yesterday who explained her crazy school year mornings.  Two different start times for her kids plus getting herself to work on time.  All the packing of lunches and backpacks.  All the carpooling.  It's enough to make you crazy just thinking about it.  (And I was naive enough to think things get easier when your kids are in school.)  Set yourself up for success by taking some time the night before to plan for the next day.  Lay out the kids' clothes (and yours too if you'd like) to make sure everything they want to wear is clean and ready to wear.  It can help to prevent wardrobe meltdowns in the morning.  Pack lunches or snacks so you can just grab and go.  Put all books, homework and projects back in the school bag so they are loaded and ready to go.  Taking just 10 minutes in the evening to prep for morning can help get your day off to a less stressful start.  NEXT UP:  Setting a Schedule & Sticking to It

September is Back to School Organizing Month at Simple Solutions Design.  Whether you are a student or a parent of a student, now is the time to establish good habits that will last for the whole school year.  Not only will these tips lead to smoother mornings, less hassle over homework and (hopefully) a more organized home, but they will also set up good habits for school and work in the future.   

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