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Friday, September 16, 2011


Today's families are busy, busy, busy!  My mom used to joke she was part cook, part maid and part chauffeur.  And I'm pretty sure my youngest brother spent the better part of his young life in a car seat in our mini-van while running his older brothers and sisters around.  Whether through a fancy app on your smart phone or an old school calendar on the refrigerator, staying on top of your families' activities will help to alleviate headaches and forgetfulness.  Figure out approximately how much time needs to be allotted for each activity you would like to accomplish in an evening.  Schedule in time for homework, chores, dinner and fun (TV, video games, soccer practice, etc).  Be sure to prioritize what MUST be done and consequences if it is not completed.   Setting a schedule will also help you to see how committed or over-committed your family may be.  Next Up:  CREATING A FAMILY CALENDAR

September is Back to School Organizing Month at Simple Solutions Design.  Whether you are a student or a parent of a student, now is the time to establish good habits that will last for the whole school year.  Not only will these tips lead to smoother mornings, less hassle over homework and (hopefully) a more organized home, but they will also set up good habits for school and work in the future.