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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I met the developers of this app at an organizing convention in April.  It's one of those great things that was created out of the developers personal need.  He was tired of wondering where he had stored something (especially since he put it there so he could easily find it again.)  Find Things Fast allows you to use your camera or smart phone to catalog what you have and where you have it in three easy steps:

1. Pic It--Take a picture of the item.
2. Tag It--Create a description for your item either by uploading the photo through a web browser or using the smart phone app.
3. Find It--Type in the name or description of what you are looking for and its location will pop up for you.

Unfortunately, the app is only available for iPhone and iPad at the current time but Android version is supposedly on its way.  And there is always the option of using your web browser.  

Another great aspect of this app is the ability to access the information when you are not at home.  For instance, if you husband calls wondering where you packed away his old baseball glove, you can access your account and have an answer for him in minutes.

October is TechTalk at Simple Solutions Design.  I'll be introducing you to ways you can use your computer and smart phone to keep yourself and your family organized.