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Thursday, October 27, 2011


A friend of mine notices a Post It Note reminder attached to my smart phone the one day.  "You know they make an app for that" she tells me.  As it turns out, they make an app that is EXACTLY that...a Post It for your phone.  There are a multitude of options out there when it comes to note taking applications for you smart phone.  I'm going to focus on the super basic apps that are great when you need to jot down a grocery list or a quick reminder.  For the Android platform there is a great app called ColorNote.  ColorNote is the electronic equivalent of writing yourself a memo on a Post It note or scrap of paper.  You can also create a checklist which is handy for a shopping or to do list.  Notes can be color coded to help organize them (say green for work and blue for home).  You can even add a widget to your home page to directly access individual notes without opening the app.  ColorNote is available for free through the Android Marketplace.
For iPhone and iPad users, there is a great basic note taking app called Sticky Notes.  Sticky Notes is similar to ColorNote in that it allows you to create short notes to stick on your home screen.  It goes a step further in allowing you to add it to your lock screen so you don't even have to unlock your phone for a reminder.  And you can set an alarm to remind you about what is written on the note.  Sticky Notes also offers you a multitude of "paper" and wallpaper options to make your note taking experience more customized.  It is available through the App Store and sells this app for $1.99.

October is TechTalk at Simple Solutions Design.  I'll be introducing you to ways you can use your computer and smart phone to keep yourself and your family organized.

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