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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Look around your home.  Do most items have a home so that your rooms are easy to pick up when cleaning your home?  If not, things could get ugly in the next 45 days or so with the barrage of new clothes, toys, kitchen gadgets, beauty items and home decor items (some wanted, some unwanted) that will enter your home during the holiday season.  A great way to stay ahead of the game is to take some time now to weed through your current inventory.  Are there toys your children haven't touched in months?  Are there clothes you no longer wear or no longer fit?  When was the last time you actually used your ____________ (insert rarely used item taking up space in your kitchen cupboard such as waffle iron, cappuccino maker, ice cream maker, overflow of Tupperware)?  By taking 10 minutes every couple of days to purge and create space prior to the holiday, you will find it easier to find homes for your new items once the holiday season is over.  And by donating unused and unwanted items, you may brighten someone else's holiday that was looking to give that item but could not afford to purchase it new. 

The holiday season blows in like a blizzard burying you in a pile of decorations, sales receipts and newly acquired items with no place to go.  Before investing in an industrial size shovel to dig yourself out, check out our tips to stay ahead of the holiday game.

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