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Sunday, November 27, 2011


It is very easy to get swept up in the holiday spirit and spend, spend, spend your way into New Year's debt.  But with careful planning you can avoid going into debt over the holiday season.  

  1. Make A List--It's not just for Santa anymore.   Sit down and write down everyone you will give a gift.  Be sure to include all family gift exchanges or secret Santa exchanges at work.
  2. Set a Budget--This is hard for many of us, especially with readily available credit.  But one of the lessons we are learning from the economic downturn is to live within our means and the holidays are a great place to practice.  You can even go as far as setting spending limits with family and friends so no one feels left behind.
Another tip to stay on budget...try shopping online to help prevent impulse buys at stores (and save money on gas!)  A little time and planning ahead can help to ensure a happy holiday season and a happy post holiday budget.

The holiday season blows in like a blizzard burying you in a pile of decorations, sales receipts and newly acquired items with no place to go.  Before investing in an industrial size shovel to dig yourself out, check out our tips to stay ahead of the holiday game.

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