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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Tired of scrambled ornaments and tangle cords?  There are a plethora of options available for storage of holiday decor.  Many times these containers can be found on sale after Christmas at your local big box store.  If you're short on cash (and who isn't after the holidays), try using egg cartons to help keep favorite ornaments organized and in their place.  Need more space for larger ornaments or decor?  Try using cardboard 6-pack holders or empty wine boxes.  You can also cover cardboard storage boxes with wrapping paper and leave them under the tree.  That way when you go to take the decorations down, your storage boxes are already in the room where you need them.  Need a quick, cheap and easy way to keep lights from becoming tangled?  Cut flaps off a cardboard box and cut a small 1 inch slit in each end.  Wrap your strings of lights around and tuck ends in the slits to help keep strands out of knots.

The holiday season blows in like a blizzard burying you in a pile of decorations, sales receipts and newly acquired items with no place to go.  Before investing in an industrial size shovel to dig yourself out, check out our tips to stay ahead of the holiday game.

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