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Friday, January 20, 2012


The refrigerator manufacturing industry thought it was doing us a favor when it started installing crisper drawers for fruits & vegetables in their ice boxes 50 years ago.  But unfortunately for many of us, the crisper has become a sort of hiding place for the healthy food we buy, intend to eat, then forget about and allow to rot into a soupy puddle at the bottom of the drawer.  Rather than hiding fruits & veggies in a drawer, put them on a shelf where you can see them.  Consider keeping them at eye level so they’re easier to see when you need a snack.  Don’t worry that they’re not in the crisper, when you eat them quick they don’t go bad.

If you’re behind on maintaining your desk clutter it can be tough to get motivated to work.  The same is true when you fall behind in maintaining your healthy eating plan.  This month we'll discuss tips for staying organized for healthy eating so you don't have to throw in the (work out) towel so soon.

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