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Sunday, January 22, 2012


I fully admit that I am a huge fan of Weight Watchers.  It helped me lose 30 pounds before I got pregnant and has helped me take off 46 of the 62 pounds I gained while pregnant.  This isn't an advertisement for Weight Watchers but what it has taught me about eating.  Because I am aware of how the foods I eat impact what is recommended I eat each day, I strive to keep foods around the home that I know are healthy, tasty and easy to fix.  For instance, there is a certain high fiber cereal that when topped with low fat milk  I know is healthy, low calorie and I like the taste (and for your WW buffs out there only 4 points per serving).  And by eating it consistently, I know that 30% of my meals for the day are already successful.  So pick out a few healthy faves and keep them well stocked in your kitchen.  Whether it's a soup for lunch, a high fiber cereal topped with low fat milk for breakfast, or a frozen dinner for, well, dinner, you can set yourself up for continued eating success by keeping your healthy favorites on hand.

If you’re behind on maintaining your desk clutter it can be tough to get motivated to work.  The same is true when you fall behind in maintaining your healthy eating plan.  This month we'll discuss tips for staying organized for healthy eating so you don't have to throw in the (work out) towel so soon.

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