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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A great many of us head to the grocery store for our weekly or bi-weekly trip without much thought or preparation.  We figure we'll just pick up what sounds good.  Unfortunately this whimsical shopping can often lead to a cart full of impulse buys that will spend a minute on the lips and forever on the hips.  
With just a bit of forethought, you can be sure your cupboards will be well stocked with healthy options as well as those treats we deserve on occasion.  Create a list of your healthy favorites for your shopping so you can be sure they’re on hand for quick, easy meals and for your moments of weakness (like when you just want to pick up the phone an order that meat lovers pan pizza).  I suggest making the list on your computer so you can print it and change it easily if needed.  Laminate your list so you can check off items you don't need or add items using a marker (which can be removed using glass cleaner.)  Be sure to include lots of lean proteins, frozen veggies, easy to make meals and healthy snacks.

If you’re behind on maintaining your desk clutter it can be tough to get motivated to work.  The same is true when you fall behind in maintaining your healthy eating plan.  This month we'll discuss tips for staying organized for healthy eating so you don't have to throw in the (work out) towel so soon.

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