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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Whether you use a hand-written notebook or online subscription to a diet site, tracking what you eat makes you accountable for what you put in your mouth.  It gives you a way to look back over your day or week and see what is working (or not working) for your healthy eating plan.  There are a plethora of online plans available through subscription sites.  Or if you aren't interested in a pay site, try picking up a pocket sized notebook and carrying it around.  Make sure you write down everything you stick in your mouth (yes, even that sample at the grocery store counts).  Consider purchasing a kitchen scale so you can track your portion sizes exactly.  And remember, it's not just about intake, but also your output.  Keeping track of your activities encourages you to get moving. Try setting exercise goals (even small ones) or following a training plan for a 5K or charity walk to help keep you motivated.

If you’re behind on maintaining your desk clutter it can be tough to get motivated to work.  The same is true when you fall behind in maintaining your healthy eating plan.  This month we'll discuss tips for staying organized for healthy eating so you don't have to throw in the (work out) towel so soon.

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