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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


A perfect house is overrated.  There I said it.  Not that I am advocating being a slob.  But if the amount of time needed to maintain your perfect home is taking away from your quality of life or causing frequent strife in your household, it may be time to re-evaluate your standards and practices.  If, for instance, you or your partner really need a messy junk drawer, have ONE messy junk drawer.  If getting the clothes to the closet is enough and they don’t need to be arranged by color and season, that is totally OK.  Find what works for your household.  Set that space aside and by any means necessary do not allow the mess to wander outside the boundaries.  Having an organized home does not necessarily mean everything is perfectly labeled and perfectly straightened at all times.  Having an organized home means that items have a permanent place to live and there are best practices in place to see that those items make it to those places on a regular basis (hopefully with the help of all those living under that roof.)  

Since February is the month of love, let's talk about how to keep the passion fires burning in your home and avoid frigid fights over a cluttered home.

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