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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Do you know the route to leave your home if it catches on fire?  Do you know where your valuables and important documents are so you can grab them for a quick and easy get away?  There is no time like the present to sit down with your family and discuss where to go in case of a fire (or other emergency requiring you to leave your home quickly).  Decide the safest and quickest route(s) from each bedroom and the common spaces you use most.  If you can do it safely, schedule and run a practice drill to ensure your family understands the escape plan and will feel confident if the time arises that the plan needs to be put into action.  Be sure to check that each floor has a working fire detector so your family will be alerted when if the time comes to put the escape plan into action.

With spring and all the nasty weather it brings right around the corner, March is Emergency Organizing month at Simple Solutions Design.  Be sure to check out all the posts to make sure your family is prepared for the big while it is still small.

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