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Monday, March 19, 2012


Your most important asset to protect in an emergency is your family.  The safety of everything else pales in comparison.  Deciding with your family where you will meet and how you will communicate prior to an emergency can help to give you some piece of mind in the midst of chaos.  
When your family meets to discuss their Emergency Exit Plan (see Creating a Family Escape Plan), you should also decide two different places to meet up outside of the home in case of emergency.  First, pick a place nearer your home in case of a fire.  This can be as simple as a fire hydrant up the street or the light post at the nearest intersection.  The important thing to stress is that everyone goes there first.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.  Go straight to the meeting place.  Second, pick a meeting place within a mile of your home such as park, shopping center, church or school.  This is where you will meet up with a member of your family is away from home during the emergency.  Once all members of the family who were home meet at the 1st meeting spot, send someone (or everyone) to spot 2 to meet up with the other family members.
Need to communicate with your extended family?  First, change your outgoing message on your voicemail to let them know you are OK when they call.  Second, register that you are safe and well with the American Red Cross Safe and Well site.  In case of natural disaster, your extended family members from near and far can log on to search for family members in affected areas.  

With spring and all the nasty weather it brings right around the corner, March is Emergency Organizing month at Simple Solutions Design.  Be sure to check out all the posts to make sure your family is prepared for the big while it is still small. 

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