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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Once you have created your Emergency Kit, you need to figure out how and where it is best to store your supplies.  First, the how.  I personally recommend some sort of box or storage container that will not get wet or mildew.  Either a plastic or metal storage container will do nicely.  Keep in mind the types of supplies you are going to be storing (gallons of water, possibly canned food, medical supplies, etc) which can get heavy as they start to accumulate.  Consider dividing supplies into a few smaller containers rather than one large foot locker style unit.  Dividing supplies also makes it easier to "store like a squirrel."  See, squirrels don't keep all their supplies in one place.  They hide a little bit here, a little bit there.  Which brings us to...
...Where to store your supplies.  By storing like a squirrel (little bit here, little bit there), you'll have access to some of your supplies even if part of your emergency kit becomes inaccessible (for instance, part of your home is destroyed and you cannot access your basement safely.)  Sample storage suggestions would be the basement or crawl space, garage, outdoor storage shed or trunk of your car.  
One last tip, stay abreast of the expiration dates of water, food and medical supplies.  Add checking your emergency kit expiration dates to the list of things you check when you change your clock in the spring and fall.

With spring and all the nasty weather it brings right around the corner, March is Emergency Organizing month at Simple Solutions Design.  Be sure to check out all the posts to make sure your family is prepared for the big while it is still small.

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