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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


My cell phone is basically an extension of my right hand.  And this surprises me when I think that a little over a decade ago I was fighting the cell phone trend that all my friends were jumping on.  But there are definitely aspects of both my personal and business life that are helped greatly with the convenience and brilliance of a smart phone.  Take travel for instance.  There are two great travel website/applications I have recently become acquainted with to help keep travel plans organized and accessible at the touch of a screen (or button if your phone still uses them).  

  • TripIt - TripIt is a fantastic site and app that literally creates an itinerary for your trip, for business or pleasure, from your email confirmations.  You can even give it access to your email to create your itinerary without forwarding the information (which may make some a little leery in reference to their security).  In messing around with this site, I find that it would be perfect for business travelers who have to be here and there at specific times, may be traveling to conferences where they have specific sessions to attend or staying at hotels in unfamiliar places.  You could use it for pleasure travel also, but it really appears to be more for easily creating an itinerary rather than charting the options your family has for its trip to Orlando.  That may be better served by...

  • Planapple - Planapple is sort of a cross between Pinterest and TripIt.  It's a great way to collect ideas of where you want to go and what you want to do there.  You can have multiple users add ideas, which would be great for organizing large family trips.  It calls itself "a web travel binder of sorts" which I think gives users a perfect visual for how they can use this service.  Instead of ripping pages from magazines and tossing in a pile, you can create links to web pages for your dream vacation in a nice, neat electronic form.
Both sites have basic memberships that are free for users and would be perfect for most travel planning.  Both sites also offer apps for iPhone and Android that creates itinerary, easily accesses pertinent saved information and generates maps to important places or places of interest.  So when you're planning your next trip, be it for business or pleasure, check these sites out to help keep all your who, what, when, where and why organized.