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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


From backpacking to beach vacations, I've taken several trips of different lengths and destinations with limited packing space.  My first key to packing light and organized is choosing my shoes first.  See, I hate the idea of paying to check my suitcase so I do my darndest to make sure I can fit everything in a carry on (even if I'm not traveling by plane).  And as travelers know, a carry on suitcase is not particularly large.  By choosing shoes before picking out clothing for your trip, you can limit the number of shoes (which typically take up the most space) while still coordinating your clothing and looking fabulous.  For instance, on a trip to Ireland and Paris a few years back, I brought along a pair of casual, comfortable walking shoes like these in brown as well as a pair of dressier brown pumps.  I then chose clothing from jeans to tops to skirts to slacks that coordinated with brown.  By doing so, my feet were comfortable and I never wore the same outfit twice (also thanks in part to layering which we will discuss in my next post).  And it all fit in my carry on bag.  Bonus tip to gain more space in your suitcase...always wear your bulkiest pair on your travel days.

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