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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Tank under tee is good for me!
When I think about packing to travel, this tips was one of the best given to me.  Rather than stuffing your suitcase or backpack with bulky sweaters and coats for that "just in case" moment, why not bring several coordinating layers so you can just remove items if you are too warm or add items if you are too cold?  Filling your limited packing space with layering options versus bulky clothing can also give you a larger selection of outfit options if you are traveling for a longer period.  For instance, if you bring 3 coordinating tank tops/camisoles, 3 long/short sleeve tees, and 3 lightweight sweaters/jackets/cardigans you can create a boatload of options (math is not my strongest suit and I lost count around 15 combinations).  Tank under t-shirt, t-shirt under jacket, tank under tee under get my drift.  And when I say "t-shirts" it doesn't have to mean a 3-pack of basic tees...there are so many great, easy-to-pack cotton and cotton blend options out there with embroidery and embellishments.  Then add some additional flare to your outfits with accessories such as jewelry and scarves which take up much less space than additional items of clothing in your suitcase.  This was the second step in the packing process described in my packing post CHOOSE SHOES FIRST.  I coordinated all my shirts and slacks with the brown shoes I had chosen and in doing so was able to bring enough clothes to wear for 11 days (sometimes 2 outfits per day) in a carry-on suitcase without wearing the same thing twice AND without doing laundry.  Lastly, as with the shoes, plan to wear the bulkiest of the jacket/cardigan items on your travel day to create a little extra space.