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Monday, July 23, 2012


As overwhelming as writing a daily list of to-do's may sound, it actually can make your life less stressful and more productive.  If you write it in the morning (say while you have breakfast or coffee or when you first arrive at the office) it creates a path for your day. The good news is that a successful daily to-do list really only needs to have 7-10 items on it.  Any more than that and you may be tempted to throw in the towel by lunch.  And your to-do tasks can be as simple as "Email XXX" or "Return XXX call" or as complicated as "Create Monthly Report" or "Create Photo Book for Your Son's Birthday."  It is usually a good idea to keep a combination of both simple and complicated tasks on your daily list.  The simple are there to keep you motivated as you cross them off and the complicated will make you feel productive because a large project will be finished.  

Will there by days when tasks are continued from one day to the next?  Of course.  If you find a more complicated task continually moving from one day to the next, perhaps look at breaking it down into smaller components.  For instance, instead of "Clean Out the Garage" you could break the task into "Take Donations to GoodWill," "Put Christmas Decorations in Attic," "Clean Out Garage Fridge," etc.  By breaking that larger task into smaller, more manageable chunks each day you may be more motivated to complete the task AND the entire garage will be cleared in no time flat.

In July I will be focusing on To-Do List Tips here at Simple Solutions.  Check back for more ideas on how to be productive without feeling overwhelmed.