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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Once you write down your to-do list, it can be incredibly overwhelming to sit and look at a long list of things that must be done.  Sometimes so overwhelming that we just say "It's too much, I just won't do any of it."  But there is a simple way to keep from feeling like you're drowning in To-Dos...learn to prioritize.  By weighting tasks on your to-do list with what MUST be done and what can wait, you can focus your time and energy on what really needs to be done.  If you get to tasks on the second and third tiers, great!  Extra high fives all around.  Here's an example:

You need to pay your mortgage at the bank, pick up flea medication at the vet, drop off donations across town, and buy party hats for your son's birthday party next week.  You only have 1 hour to do your errands.  Since your mortgage is a bill and has consequences if paid late it should be number one on your list.  And since you don't really want to deal with a house full of fleas, you should probably stop by the vet.  I would call those two things your Must Do To-Dos for today.  The other two tasks are not immediately pressing and can be moved to later in the day or even tomorrow.  Perhaps they become more important down the road, but for today if they get done, they get done. 

I fully admit there are times when I have tasks bumped on my list for days (perhaps even into next week).  By having them on my list I know they need to be done, but I can distinguish between needing to do it now and needing to do it eventually.  At the very least we want to strive to complete the tasks that absolutely NEED to be done each day.

In July I will be focusing on To-Do List Tips here at Simple Solutions.  Check back for more ideas on how to be productive without feeling overwhelmed.