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Sunday, July 15, 2012


My mother is a vigilant list maker.  So I learned from the best.  But I fully admit that it took several years for me to get on board with writing a to-do list down.  Now I have daily lists and even lists of lists when it comes to big projects or event planning (such as my son's 1st birthday party which is fast approaching.)  I am an old fashioned, pen and paper sort of gal but there are many options out there for you tech-loving folks.  There are a boatload of smart phone friendly options like Evernote which offers you a voice options so you don't have to type, ColorNote which is a sticky note app for Android users, and too many to list for the iPhone (but this article is a great review of "25 Fantastic To-Do List Applications for iPhone.")  However you choose to document what it is you need to do, be sure to get it down in some sort of hard copy form.  And by writing it down, you get the satisfaction of crossing it off when you complete the task.

In July I will be focusing on To-Do List Tips here at Simple Solutions.  Check back for more ideas on how to be productive without feeling overwhelmed.