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Monday, September 3, 2012


One of the little organizing tidbits I love to share with my clients is "Being organized helps you be lazy."  While not exactly 100% accurate, being organized does help you free up a bit of time.  Time you spend looking for the bill that was due last week.  Time you spend looking for your daughter's field trip permission slip or your son's T-ball uniform.  Time you spend on your weekend cleaning your house because your in-laws are coming to visit next week.

According to varying reports, studies and authors we spend between 16 minutes and 55 minutes a day looking for things we have either lost or misplaced.  This time adds up to over a year of the average person's lifespan.  More if you spend more time looking.  But time lost to disorganization is only one aspect.  There is lost money in late fees or lost item replacement.  Or time lost arguing over who used it last, who didn't put it away or whose fault it is that it is gone.  

When you start to look at it this way, all the effort it would take to start giving items a home in your home and putting things away really seem like less of an effort than living disorganized.


In honor of the school year beginning, I will be exploring the ABC's of Organizing until the end of September. Check back daily to find out more! 

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