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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


If you're a fan of the organizing/design shows on channels like TLC or HGTV, you watch with wonder as they magically transform homes in just 3 days from chaos to calm.  I love these shows for the ideas I see and for motivating people to get organized.  I despise them for the fact that it creates a false sense of the time it takes to truly re-organized your family and home and the time it takes to create new habits.  Just because the family on the show has a beautiful, fully organized new home doesn't mean they have established the habits needed to maintain it.  And part of the magic of television that you don't see is they massive crew of workers helping to clear out the clutter, do repairs and remodeling, and put it back together again.

A major downside to the false hopes these show create is the discouragement people feel when they can't achieve their own organizing goals in a timely matter.  If it can't be done that quickly then why do it at all?  My advice is to start with very small projects that can be completed in a short period of time such as a kitchen drawer, a bathroom cupboard, or clearing your desk.  Work to finish your project and maintain the organization there before moving on to another project.  Work with your family to help you keep that area neat and organized.  When everyone starts to see how nice it is that they can find the paper clips or the spatula when they need it, they will start to realize how they can pitch in to help keep the home organized.  And if you feel overwhelmed, remember there are professional organizers like me all over to help you!


In honor of the school year beginning, I will be exploring the ABC's of Organizing until the end of September. Check back daily to find out more!