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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Whether you like it or not, goal setting is one of the keys to productivity.  In fact, it may be the most important part of productivity.  Because let's face it, without an end goal, what are we really working for?  I've always liked the idea that your goal is at the top of a staircase. You don't just take one step to get up that staircase, do you? No.  You take one step that leads to another and another until you reach your goal at the top of the stairs.  

Keeping this staircase analogy in mind, consider your organizing goals.  When you think of tackling a toy room or an office the task may seem so overwhelming that you just don't even want to start.  Let's use organizing an office as an example.  That is what you put on the top stair.  Now think backwards.  What is the step you need to take just prior to completing your project?    Let's say it's clear the clutter off the desk.  Ok, to clear the clutter off the desk we need to put away office supplies, file paperwork and shred mail.  To put away office supplies we need to buy baskets for the drawers.  To file the paperwork we need to make new hanging folders.  To shred the mail we need to, well, get off our booties and just do it. But you see where this is headed.  Our once insurmountable goal of organizing our office has been broken down into more manageable pieces that we can complete in small amounts of time daily or over the course of a larger amount of time on a day off or weekend.  And it feels good to cross those little goals off your list while on the way to your overall organizing goal.


In honor of the school year beginning, I will be exploring the ABC's of Organizing until the end of September. Check back daily to find out more!