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Thursday, September 6, 2012


Nearly every professional organizer and organizing enthusiast will agree that the first rule of organizing is "Find the Item a Home."  Plain and simple.  If an item has a place to go and you put it back in that place, that item is organized.  Oh, if it were only that easy.  It starts to get complicated when we have more items than you have available homes or when you can't get your family, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, roommates or pets to put the item back in the home.  But this is all part of the behavioral change required to go from unorganized to organized.  You have to accept that you will need to develop new habits.  Habits like putting items away when you are finished so others (or you) can find them when you need it again.  Habits like deciding to donate one old item of clothing when you bring a new item into the closet.  Habits like discarding unneeded or unwanted items (like catalogs, junk mail, birthday cards, plastic take out containers) immediately rather than letting them become buried on the kitchen counter beneath other unneeded or unwanted items.  Finding items a home and developing new habits to keep clutter at bay will help you feel more organized and see less clutter around your home or office.


In honor of the school year beginning, I will be exploring the ABC's of Organizing until the end of September. Check back daily to find out more!