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Thursday, September 20, 2012


The two biggest reasons given for living in clutter and chaos are "I don't have time" and "I don't have money."  Today I will give you ways to overcome both of these excuses and start down the path to a more organized life.

Excuse #1:  I Don't Have Time

If you've ever read any books about budgeting, one of the first suggestions is usually to track your spending to see where your money goes.  If you know where you are overspending it is easier to figure out where you can cut back to save money.  The same works with time management.  Try tracking your time for one week. How much time do you spend driving?  Grocery shopping?  Looking for something that is lost?  Picking up after children who are old enough to pick up after themselves?  Pinning on Pinterest?  

Once you have evaluated where you spend your time, try to figure out where you can streamline things to gain some extra time.  Pick an errand day or errand section of town rather than running all over several times a week.  Make a grocery list with planned meals and stick to it rather than running to the store several times to please everyone's cravings.  Put important (and non-important) items away so you can find them more easily.  Even if you only have an extra 15 minutes a day, spending 10 of those fifteen minutes getting a part of your house organized will help in the long run.  

Excuse #2:  I Don't Have Money

The Martha Stewartization of homes gives the impression that the only way to truly be organized is by having perfectly coordinated furniture, closet fixtures and storage boxes throughout our homes.  The fact is, you don't have to spend money to get organized.  In fact, in many instances you will save money by being organized.  You will eat the food you already have because you know what you bought.  You pay your bills on time because you know when they are due.  You wear the clothes you have because they are in your closet not stuffed in an overflow storage wardrobe in the corner of your basement.  What you will need is time (see Excuse #1 above if you don't have that) and effort.

You can also think outside the box when it comes to organizing products.  I even have a page on this site dedicated to Low Cost Organizing Solutions.  Use egg cartons or plastic containers with lost lids to organize jewelry or office supplies in drawers.  Cut shoe boxes in half to create dividers in dresser drawers for socks, hosiery and lingerie.  Ask for boxes from your local supermarket for storage.  Will it look like something out of Real Simple magazine?  Probably not.  But get your systems in place and then slowly add fancier organizing products as you can afford to do so.