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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Implementing a new organizing strategy can be difficult if the people close to you (especially those living in your home) are not on board.  There have been occasions when I will be working with one family member and another will come in an question why we are donating an item or if it is necessary to dispose of certain items that may be no longer useful.  I equate this to bringing home a fast food value meal to someone who has decided to diet.

Deciding to take steps to clear your clutter and change habits that cause the clutter can be difficult for some. The habits can take time to change and the support of those around you is very important.  When looking to implement an organizing plan, consider calling a "family" or "household" meeting to discuss your concerns and expectations.  Explain to the group why you personally need to make these changes and why you think it is important for all involved.  Will it help you pay your bills on time?  Will it help cut down of trips to the grocery store by eating the food you have?  Will it give mom a bit of down time by getting everyone to help out with the chores?  In some cases, it may be necessary to bring in an outside party like a professional organizer to help mediate the session so no one feels attacked or put down.  To find a professional organizer to help in your area, check out the National Association of Professional Organizers.