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Monday, October 1, 2012


If "Put It Away" is my first & favorite rule of organizing, using vertical space is a close second.  When I suggest to clients utilizing their vertical space better they sometimes look a little confused. For the most part, we keep a lot of our things at around eye level or lower when it comes to shelves and furniture and arm's reach when it comes to storage.  But there is often a lot of unused or underused space above where we currently have storage.  For instance, by moving the top shelf in your closet up, you can make room for 2 hanging bars and therefore room for more hanging clothes in your closet.  By adding risers like these for spices and cans or these for plates to your kitchen cabinets, you can make better use of the unused space between shelves.  In the market for a new dresser?  Look for something more akin to a wardrobe or taller than the standard dresser to make the most of the footprint your dresser occupies.  I even once suggested to a client with a large collection of shoes to add shelves all the way around the upper 12 inches of her dressing room to use as storage and display for her fabulous collection.  When it comes to storage, look up and think outside the box.  You can always by a step ladder.