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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


My final submission in my AWESOME ORGANIZERS IN OCTOBER series comes from Susan Stewart, a professional organizer serving both the St. Louis, Missouri and Phoenix, Arizona metro areas.  

Asking for help. You probably didn’t expect that, but it’s true. Here’s a look at why this step is so difficult.
Reason #1: Shame. Shame is the feeling of embarrassment you experience when you think that you are not maintaining the same standards as everyone else. Women often express to me that they think everyone else has “it” all together and that they are the only one struggling. I’m telling you that is a MYTH. The culture we live in now puts more demands on women than ever before. Every woman I know, including myself, is juggling too many responsibilities and feels like their life is out of control much of the time. 
Reason #2: Guilt. Guilt is closely related to shame but is a little different. Guilt is the feeling of remorse for something done wrong, whether real or imagined. Guilt is what you feel every time you don’t complete a project you started or when you look at a mess and feel so overwhelmed that you simply shut the door. Guilt tells you that something is wrong with you, that you are a failure as a woman because you aren’t able to do it all alone. Ladies, this is a LIE! No one can do it alone. No one is good at everything and we ALL need help in several areas of our lives.
Reason #3: Commitment. Asking for help requires commitment. Before you voice a problem and ask for help, you don’t feel obligated to anyone in moving toward a solution. It may not be a happy place but it’s a safe one. But once you’ve voiced the problem, you are now committed toward action- as scary as that may be. Commitment involves taking a risk, stepping out of your comfort zone and moving toward your fears.

Congratulations to all of you who have already taken the most difficult step in getting organized. I believe in you and am privileged to watch your quality of life improve on a regular basis as a result. If you haven’t taken this step, I encourage you to do so NOW so you can experience it too.

Susan Stewart, professional organizer and owner of Perfectly Placed, has been organizing professionally for 7 years. With a BS in Human Development & The Family and a background in coaching and teaching, Susan is equipped in simplifying the organization process and teaching it to others.
Susan is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and her local NAPO-St. Louis chapter. Susan served as a board member, was involved in community service throughout the Phoenix valley, and was the recipient of both the Founder’s and President’s award in NAPO-Arizona, before moving to St. Louis. She is excited to have an equal impact in her St. Louis community. Perfectly Placed provides professional hands-on organizing services in both the St. Louis and Phoenix metro areas and virtual organizing services around the world.

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