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Friday, January 4, 2013


What's your New Year's Resolution?  Eating better and getting organized seem to top many lists this time of year.  While I may not be able to help much in your kitchen (unless you want to find the things to prepare all those healthy meals easier), I can help you on your path to a more organized home or office.  If I were to break down my organizing process to the very core, here are the four basic steps to organizing any space...

1.  Take it all out--Whether a closet, kitchen drawer or garage, you need to have a realistic look at everything you have and are hiding in the space you'd like to organize.  It may seem like you're creating more mess, but think of it as the chaos before the calm.

2.  Sort/Group--Weed through everything you just pulled out and put like items together.  Short sleeve shirts with short sleeve shirts.  Tools with tools.  Plastic ware with plastic ware.  You get the idea.

3. Make a decision--Here is where things can get need to look at each group and decide what you really use, what you really need and what you can say good bye to.  Do you really need 5 different black button up shirts if you only have space for 3?  And how many take out containers without lids do you really need in your drawer?

4.  Assign space--Now that you'd cleared your space, group items together and decided what you need to keep, it's time to put things back where they came from.  Assess your space needs based on how much you have in each group.  Devote the largest amount of space to the largest piles.  Perhaps move things that don't belong to another location or seasonal storage.

Stop back by all month to check tips to help 2013 become your most organized year yet!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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