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Monday, February 4, 2013


When someone asks me what the best way is to control all the paper clutter they have in their home, my first suggestion is always "controlling what comes in makes it easier to control what is there."  The United States generates around 4 million tons of paper waste and clutter from junk mail each year. Let that sink in for a second....4 million tons of stuff we just want to throw away or find useless!  Next time you check the mail, take a look at what you really need and read.  There are several organizations that offer free services if you would like to remove yourself from lists providing unsolicited credit card and insurance offers, catalogs, sweepstakes entries and other various mail offers.  These include:

These companies will remove your name from various national direct mail lists. You may opt in or opt out for a variety of different mail categories and choices will be good from 5 years to permanently from the date which you make them.  Stopping the influx of these offers in your mailbox can also help make sure your identity stays safe from potential scammers feeding off your mail.  While it won't take care of 100% of your mail issues, I can say from personal experience that it cut nearly 80% of the unwanted mail we receive almost immediately.

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