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Monday, September 16, 2013


September is National Preparedness Month in an effort to educate families about the need to prepare in case of emergency.  While driving earlier today, I heard about a free home inventory app from American Family Insurance called DreamVault.  It allows you to use your Android or iPhone to snap photos to create an inventory of your prized possessions, record values and id numbers, and create personalized reports room by room.  In the unfortunate event of disaster at your home, you can access reports of this inventory via your phone or the internet to send to your home insurance agent.  A little digging revealed that there are many, many free and pay apps available for both Android and iPhone to make creating this home inventory easier.  There are even specified apps for things like movie or comic book collections.  And it would only take a few minutes per room to create a little less of a headache were your possessions to suddenly disappear.  Schedule some to time before the end of September to create or update your home inventory.

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