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Monday, October 14, 2013


Iris Lego Storage Workstation,, $56.87
A quick search on the internet will give you all sorts of visual aids of products to help get your Legos (aka foot slicing creativity cubes) organized.  Products like the tower pictured here available on Amazon for around $60.  It's great because it has all those characteristics professional organizers love like color coded bins that make it easy to keep like with like.  But what I'd like to offer today are some ideas for storage that are outside the box or may work better with your child's creative juices.

  1. For The Build and Keeper  My brother loved to build his Lego creations according to the directions and then leave them intact.  In fact, most gas stations, pirate ships and other buildings from his childhood stayed together until he went off to college and the younger brothers got a hold of them.  If you have a "Build and Keeper", consider installing some shelves to display their creations in their bedroom or playroom.  I love installing shelves above doorways around the top of the room as a way to utilize vertical space AND use your child's creations as part of the room's decor.
  2. For the Keep It Together-er  Any of us with Lego fanatics know how frustrated they become when they can't find the piece they need to complete a certain project.  If your Lego maniac likes to build things specifically like the picture on the box, I recommend keeping all the pieces for that particular set together.  Try using large Ziploc storage bags or plastic containers and include all the pieces for that particular kit, the instructions and the finished picture from the box so children know which kit is in which bag or box. If you don't have the box, try saving and printing the picture from a site like Amazon or Toys R Us.
  3. For the I Just Like to Play-er  So many of us have kids that just like to play with their Legos and build out of their imagination.  If you're trying to figure out a storage system, watch how your child plays.  Would color coded storage work best or would it be better to group by size (onesies, twosies, foursies, etc)?  Keep this in mind when sorting bricks for your kids.  Is there one particular room where your children play with their Legos?   Find a storage solution that fits in that room and try to contain play there to prevent lost parts.  If your frustration lies primarily in ease of clean up, click on the picture below check out this awesome mom-created product called the Lay-n-Go which combines playmat with easy clean up.
    Lay-n-Go, $64.95

Do you have a tip for organizing Legos that has worked well for your family?  If so, please share below!

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