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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Alex Toys: My Art Portfolio, $22
If you have children, then you most likely have a plethora of art projects from crayon scribbles to finger paintings to hand puppets made out of brown paper bags.  And there simply is not enough space on the fridge (or in some cases even the walls) to showcase all the work created by your budding Picasso or Rembrandt.  So here are some tips for both selection and storage of the artwork in your home:

  1. Decide what you and your child REALLY wants to save.  You may think they want to save every scrap they've ever scribbled on but they may not.  And keeping everything may train your child to struggle with letting other things go.  For tips on deciding with your kids which art is portfolio worthy, check out Teaching Prioritizing to Kids.
  2. Once you've decided what to keep, check out storage options like the My Art Portfolio pictured to the right.  It is a great way to neatly store what is precious and limit what you keep.  If it starts to get too full, perhaps there are items that can be reevaluated. 
  3. If you prefer to display their works of art, choose a space in your home and mark out how many pieces it will hold.  Practice the one in, one out rule to help keep the display fresh and clutter free.  
  4. Use technology to your advantage.  Snap shots of your kids favorite works and use them for screen savers.  Give grandparents digital photo frames filled with photos of their grandkids works of art.  Use shots of drawings and paintings to create holiday cards, thank you cards or stationery for you to use or gifts for others.
Do you have a creative way to store or use your children's artwork?  If so, please share below.

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