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Thursday, October 10, 2013


With the holidays right around the corner, you may be thinking "where in the world am I going to fit anything new into this house?"  And the thought of simply NOT bringing anything into the household does not appear to be an option.  Well in part 3 of my 3 part series on Toy Organizing, I give you some tips in planning for your future when it comes to keeping the toys in your home organized.

  1. Make room for new toys (or clothes, etc) by going through the old and donating or disposing of anything no longer played with, age appropriate or an old favorite.  For more tips, check out Toy Organizing:  Assessing the Past.
  2. Look for places to add storage in your toy room, family room or child's room prior to the addition of new toys.  Think vertically, as in bookcases or shelving, to take advantage of wall space.  
  3. Look for storage when you purchase the gift (or add the gift to the wish list).  Some toys such as Mega Bloks come in great zipper storage bags which makes for easy pick up and storage.  Consider purchasing some of those great colorful storage cubes or plastic containers (I love these Lego Storage Bricks!) to use as wrapping instead of disposable wrapping paper. 
Lego Storage Bricks
from The Container Store,
various sizes, $9.99-$39.99
With a little forward thought, you can survive the holidays or birthdays or visits from grandparents without worrying "where in the world am I going to fit all these toys!?!"

If you have tips to stop toy clutter before it starts, please share below!

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