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Monday, April 14, 2014


Thanks so much for the positive response to my first OUTSIDE THE EASTER BASKET IDEAS...and here are a couple more no candy, less clutter ideas for Easter or any gift baskets.

  1. THE SPORTS BASKET - What about stuffing a couple tickets to your favorite minor league baseball team and a matching cap in a basket?  Or new tennis balls and a racket for your budding tennis star?  From leotards for gymnastics to a baseball mitt, focus on something your child will use in their favorite activity.
  2. THE TRAVEL BASKET - Do you have a trip planned on Easter Sunday or even a vacation this summer?  Why not stock up on some of your family's car or plane travel favorites in a basket?  Gift cards to download some favorite movies or games on your iPod or tablet.  Books like this super fun airport magnet activity book or magnetic map of the US with facts about each state can make any trip a little less stressful.  Maybe throw in some of your favorite road snacks. 
  3. THE GARDENING BASKET - Or perhaps we should call it the "Gardening Pot."  Fill a large pot or planter with soil, seeds or seedlings, a watering can and any gardening supplies for your little ones.  They'll love watching the plants grow and eventually eating their rewards!
As always, if this or the previous post has sparked any of your own ideas for fantastic gift baskets, please share below!

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