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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I am a HUGE fan of vertical files.  If you need to keep paper around because it reminds you to do, pay or act on something, I encourage you to try a cleverly labeled vertical file instead.  I especially love the ones pictured here because they are inexpensive and for around $12 (once you add in the hanging files) you can set up a great system to maintain the everyday flow of paper in your home.
Open-Top File Boxes, $4.99-$6.99,
On my desk, I have a medium size open top file box with hanging files with labels like "To Do Now" for items I need to take a look at and do in the near future and "To Do Later" for items I want to keep on hand but may not have time to address immediately.  I also have a file labeled "Contacts" with folders for Personal and Professional Contacts I'd like to have access to.  I also keep a file labeled "Paper" for the paper, card stock and labels I use in the printer.

I've set up similar desktop file boxes for clients using action words like "Do", "Pay", and "File".  I've also set up desktop versions using the Freedom Filer system to help easily organize monthly statements and bills.  

Why choose a vertical file instead of a pile?  Well, in a pile you really only see the top paper unless you want to take the time to dig down through it (and let's face it, you put the papers in the pile because you didn't want to deal with it the first time, why do you want to deal with it now?)  By choosing a category for the paper the first time you touch it, you are at least deciding how you want to use it right then and there.  I need to PAY this bill.  I need to FILE this insurance document.  I wanted to READ this article.  Then when you do decide to attack your paper, everything in that file is related (this all needs filed, these all need paid).  I even encourage clients to set up weekly or bi-weekly appointments to visit their desktop files so they don't become overstuffed.  

Do you have a clever filing or desktop organizing solution?  If so, tell me about it in the comments below!

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