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Thursday, September 11, 2014


Tray Bin from ShelfGenie,
There is an organizing mantra of "think vertically."  We often use this in relation to space as in "look up and see if you can find more storage space there."  Or perhaps with filing as in "if it's a pile you can only see what's on top." (See also Favorite Organizing Product #2.) And in today's featured favorite organizing product...the Tray Bin from ShelfGenie as in "I'm tired of digging through 15 pans/trays/cutting boards I don't need to find the one I want".  Full disclosure: I am a Designer for ShelfGenie of Columbus but I have an honest and true deep love for this product.  It just makes sense.

I am a baker and my kitchen contains a variety of baking sheets, pans, cooling racks and cutting boards.  And who likes to pull every stinking pan out of the pile in your cupboard or drawer to get to the one you need in the middle of the pile.  It is just so much easier to get what you need if you can just grab the one and be done!  AND to top it off, this Tray Bin is a pull out drawer so you don't even have to bend to get it out...the shelf comes to you!

So use vertical storage wherever you can, you'll be thankful you did.  And if you want to spring for one of these babies you won't regret it!

Do you have a clever way you've used vertical storage in your home?  Tell me about it below.

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