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Saturday, September 13, 2014


It's no secret that professional organizers love to label things.  It ranks right up there with looking for vertical storage options.  And why is this?  Well my personal independent studies show people are much more likely to put items away in their "homes" if they home is labeled.  And if said item is put away in its labeled home there is a 100% percent likelihood of you finding the item the next time you look for it there.  100%!  

And while "Labels" themselves are not a specific organizing product, I do have two favorite labeling products I like to use:

1. Self Adhesive Vinyl Pockets - I think my husband is afraid I may leave him one day for these pockets.  Just kidding.  But seriously, they are a must have in my organizing bag.  If the contents in the bin, cupboard or box change, you just have to pull out the card inside and change it.  They come in a variety of sizes from business card (pictured here) to full page.  The 3 x 5 size are great because they fit index cards.  Cards with pictures are also a great way to label toy bins for kids who can't read.  I use 4 x 6 size to hold photographs if there are a variety of items inside (rather than listing each item individually).

2.  Label Maker - If you are looking to get organized, a label maker may be $25 very well spent.  I have this one.  Nothing super fancy but it gets the job done.  The detail you get in your labeling is up to you.  You may need very specific items in specific places like "White Sugar" or "Casual Tank Tops".  This detail may help to remind you to put things back in this exact spot.  On the other hand, a general label like "T-Shirts" or "Baking Supplies" may work to get your like items back in a general area.

Do you have an idea or tip that you've used for labeling that has worked well for you?  Please share with reader below!

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