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Sunday, September 14, 2014


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An now an ode to the humble Post-it®...Dearest Post It®, how I love thee.  Let me count the ways...

1.  You are small, convenient and come in a variety of sizes and colors which allows me to label or make a quick note on nearly anything at nearly any time.

2.  Well that's really it but it's a really big important reason.

I carry a variety of Post-it® Notes and products with me in my organizer bag.  I love that they come in a plethora of eye catching colors to say "hey look at me! I'm important and you should pay attention!"  The version with the full adhesive back is great for creating more permanent labels on bins, boxes or drawers for storage.  The small ones have been great as book marks/note pads within books as I've been studying for my professional organizers exam.  I could go on about myself but let me give you a  couple examples of how I have used them with clients.

Just this past week, I was helping a client weed through stacks of papers where this one needed a phone call made and that one needed an email response.  We used a post it to note on each paper what needed to be done with it and any pertinent contact info.  This way, when the client opens her "To Do" folder, she can take out any piece of paper inside and have the information she needs to complete the task as her fingertips.

Another client who responds well to color coding started using smaller sized notes to mark when things needed to be done on her calendar.  Any bill that needed to be paid was written on a green Post-it® with the amount due and placed on the calendar on the day to be paid.  Important dates to remember (birthdays, events, etc) were written on red.  If the event was passed, task was completed or bill was paid she would remove the Post-it® from the calendar.  The visual indication of a completed task helped her feel accomplished and work towards an empty calendar at the end of the month.

Do you have a creative or helpful way you've used Post-it® notes?  Please share below!

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