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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


From my stinky compost barrel to my car load of donations, anyone in my circle of family, friends or colleagues can attest to my passion for reusing, recycling, and sustainability.  That is one reason that the iRecycle App from Earth911 is one of my favorite organizing resources.  
iRecycle App from Earth 911
is available for iPhone and Android

Photo courtesy of Earth 911
Just open up the app and choose from the list of categories what you are looking to recycle or responsibly dispose of and the app uses GPS to find the disposal or recycling location nearest you.  It's such a fantastic resource for hard to recycle (or "I didn't know I couldn't throw that in the trash) items like hazardous household waste, scrap metal, electronics, or CFL light bulbs.

The iRecycle App is available for FREE on both iPhone and Android.  And for even more great information on recycling and sustainability, be sure to visit  

Do you have a great resource you use to recycle or upcycle when you declutter? Be sure to share below!

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