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Sunday, September 21, 2014


Ahhh, The Container Store.
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Professional organizers and The Container Store go together like peas and carrots.  I know sometimes people feel like professional organizers are walking billboards for The Container Store but there is a good can find what you need for your trade here.  I think of it like this...
If I were in a different trade like construction or sewing, I would look for my tools at a store that specialized in tile or plumbing or sewing.  Sure, there would be times I would or could get what I needed at a big box store but I would do my regular shopping at the place where I knew I could get what I was looking for.  For professional organizers lucky enough to live within a close proximity to The Container Store, it is that place.  

If I have a project that needs specific containers or containers of an unusual size, I know I can find something that will work.  Again, I could search store to store for something but time is money.  I preach to my clients to organize their time as well as their things and why waste time if you don't need to?  So, if you are planning a kitchen overhaul, struggling to find the right sized containers for your home office or just get giddy at the thought of a well organized space, stop by your nearest Container Store (if you're so lucky to live near one) or visit them online at  I challenge you NOT to find what you need.

Do you have a favorite store or online resource for organizing products?  If so, share below!

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